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"Don't Let Information Overload Beat You,
Learn Information Marketing At Your Own
Forcing The Progress Of Your
Information Marketing Business Forward"

  Imagine arriving at a 5-Star Restaurant,  the aroma of delectable dishes floating through the air,
teasing your senses.  Your mouth begins to water at the thought of the tasting a wonderful meal
prepared just for you by the talented chef.  But wait, when the waiter returns to your table he is
joined by several others.  Each carrying a collage which makes up your five course meal.  The entire
meal is delivered to your table at once.

   Your senses are overwhelmed by all of the delicious food in front of you.  What do you eat first,
where do you begin...decisions, decisions.


The amount of information available on the net today is like a gigantic mountain reaching high into the sky, the peak hidden in the clouds.  Many people, just like you have purchased hundreds of products only to find that between procrastination and being totally overwhelmed, nothing ever happened.  You find yourself in the midst of confusion not knowing what to do next.  For some people, that is where it ends.



   I've been where you are, wanting to start my own information marketing business, being
overwhelmed.  I purchased products, tools and memberships, it seemed like I always needed
just one more product or piece of knowledge.  There I was, massive amounts of information
before me,  jumping rapidly from one piece to another, it didn't make sense. I was
overwhelmed, then the frustration set in, it was like trying to glue a broken vase and none of
the pieces fit together.  I was about ready to give up. 

   I took a deep breath and stepped away from it all for a few minutes.  I began to think about why
things were not working.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I had no foundation, no guidance,
direction and no end in sight.


"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always
to try just one more time."...Thomas Edison   


    The problem is that everyone learns at a different pace.  While some are quick studies and can
disect enourmous amounts of information fast, there are some of us takes a little bit more time for.



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